Who's Really To Blame For The US Capitol Terroristic Attack

It's no secret - America seems to be divided more than ever now. Here we are in 2021, and we're still dealing with racism, white supremacy, hatred, social and economical injustice and more.

To some, last Wednesday's failed coup on the government of America was a complete shocker. And to other groups of people it wasn't.

Almost everyone except for his most staunch supporters puts majority of the blame on President Trump. And I would agree...

...however I'd like to dive deeper. I'd like to offer a biblical perspective on who really is responsible for what happened. It may shock you.

So in today's episode of Ask Adrian Anything, you'll discover:

  • Who's really responsible

  • What's really going on

  • What's next so we can overcome

Click the play button now.

I pray that Holy Spirit has opened your eyes and given you revelation knowledge. I pray that we can unite together as ONE and change America for God's glory!

Let me know below one thing you feel you can do to bring about change.

Kingdom Blessings,


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