Is God Responsible For Covid?

Have you ever wondered that? I know I have. Especially when things started to pop off here in the States. And if God is responsible for Covid 19 - then why? How could a loving God allow such evil to prevail and to date over 1.26 million people die from this pandemic? If He's NOT responsible then who is?

Trust me, you're not the only one who's wondered these questions. In today's Ask Adrian Anything session, I'll do my best to biblically address this question that someone asked me. I'll also share how to have greater discernment with what's going on in the world and operate the way God wants you too.

Lastly, I'll give some examples of things God has personally showed me during this pandemic and changes that I've made. I pray that Holy Spirit will give you revelation knowledge and that you're able to hear what He wants you to hear during this video.

Here's the video I mentioned about how disciples of Jesus Christ should respond to the 2020 presidential election. Gotta warn you, it's really for those that want to mature in their walk with Christ...not for those that don't want to be challenged.

Let me know your thoughts below, what's one thing you believe God has shown you through this whole pandemic?

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