How Disciples Of Jesus Christ Should Respond To The Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election

Obviously tomorrow is election day here in the United States of America. My question to born again believers of Jesus Christ is this - no matter if your candidate wins or loses - how should we as the body of Christ respond to a hurting and divided world?

If history is an indicator of how we should respond, then we, the body of Christ are no better than the world. satan has been having a field day with us. He's been playing chess while many of us have been playing checkers - and losing badly at it I might add.

But that stops right now! I honestly don't care who you've voted for. Right wing, left wing, hot wings or chicken wings... matters not to me. BUT what I do care about is how we reflect Christ to the world. We are ambassadors of God's heavenly kingdom. We are called to live a different way than people who don't share our beliefs.

This video right here will give a revelational biblical perspective on what our focus should be no matter tomorrow's outcome.

If you're tired of getting duped, taken for the okey doke, falling victim to satan's traps...

If you're ready to see the kingdom culture of heaven manifested in the earth and live how Jesus lived...

If you're ready to change the world...literally...

...then click the play button now, watch it and take action based on God's word!

I pray this has blessed you and given you a different perspective.

Let's make a difference. Let's be the change, no matter who wins.

Kingdom Blessings

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